This design system was developed for Northwestern University's 2023 inauguration
and chosen by incoming president Michael H. Schill.

The overall system

northwestern inauguration invitation and envelope

Printed invitation and envelope

northwestern inauguration email invitation

Email invitation

northwestern inauguration wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage

Inauguration delegate gonfalons

Inauguration event program

Inauguration event podium wrap (left) and sail messages (right)

Ice cream cups (left) and buttons (right) for an inauguration ice cream social event for students. Project included adding ceremony regalia to Willie the Wildcat (top), a new logo for President Schill referencing him as the 17th president (left) and an illustration of his dog, Max (bottom right)

Inauguration lockup displayed on LED screens in the event space

12-foot column wraps marked the path by which the audience entered the event space

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